Our Story

Common Grounds began as a desire to reach out to the local and global community. Common Grounds is a not-for-profit business. We give away our profits to support humanitarian projects in the Developing World and seek to raise awareness of issues that affect the global poor. To date we have given away almost £56,000. (Check out the charities you have helped us support so far).

In May 2003 a group of local committed individuals raised £65,000 towards this project, which enabled us to convert a part of a church building into Common Grounds. We were overwhelmed with support from local businesses, volunteer labour, even a grant from the EU and then in September 2004 we opened to the public.

Common Grounds seeks to reflect values of hospitality, justice, generosity and compassion, that are central to the Christian faith and in so-doing trust that we will find and enjoy common ground with the customers that make up the community that has evolved here.

Common Grounds is now a vibrant hub in the centre of the Holylands; a place for meetings, for relationships to develop, for beauty to be fostered, companionship enjoyed over coffee and cinnamon scones, for difference to be appreciated and enjoyed.

We hope that as we ‘think global and act local’ lives would be enriched and inspired by what we have created here, and what we are continuing to create together. Thank you for being a part of the dream.

Ethical Purchasing

We take our commitment to Ethical Purchasing, including “Fair trade”, seriously – see our Ethical Purchasing Policy 2013.

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